2019 Guest Artist Series

Open Eye partners with emerging and established artists and ensemble companies to showcase a wide array of original work by theater-makers, storytellers, poets, musicians, puppeteers, and dancers.


Stuart Bloom is a popular cancer doctor, but he’s having a dark night of the soul. Has he succumbed to burnout?

Composer/lyricist ERIC PELTONIEMI performs highlights from his hit shows "Plain Hearts” and "Ten November,” and other gems.

A mini-storytelling festival of uniquely told, heartfelt narratives, featuring five exceptional performers.

Lyrical storytelling and personal reflections exploring the artist’s paradoxical journey of raising a child with significant disabilities.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing with poetry and music by SONJA THOMPSON, BRADLEY GREENWALD, MARIA JETTE, and more!

A bleakly hilarious variety show — the East Forkington Airport Motor Lodge Lounge and Laundromat's first (and last) ever Christmas Eve spectacular!