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Open Eye Figure Theatre Presents

ALFRED AND ME. WHAT, ME WORRY? (The Final Hallucination in Three Parts)

April 12 - 15, 2018

A FUSEBOX project conceived by Michael Sommers

With performances by Pedro Lander and Maren Ward
Sound Design: Dan Duckich
Stage Manager: Stacy Schulz
Alfred: Pedro Lander
Ubu: Maren Ward
Alfred E: Michael Sommers

Adult content. Recommended for ages 18 and up.

Open Eye co-founder Michael Sommers' new work is inspired by the life and literature of Alfred Jarry. The French symbolist writer’s most famous character, UBU, provoked hilarity, scandal, and outrage with his grotesque trampling over cultural rules, norms, and conventions.

ALFRED AND ME discovers Alfred Jarry on his death bed, when his creation UBU pays him a last visit to administer Alfred's final hallucination.

 Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) is best remembered for his satirical, theatrical farce Ubu Roi. (King Ubu).  Jarry ultimately composed three Ubu plays, each of which concerns the exploits of his grotesque personification of human greed, ignorance and cowardice—Pe`re Ubu (Pa Ubu). The figure of Ubu is based on schoolboy farces that Jarry and his classmates set down as puppet plays ridiculing their physics teacher. Throughout his life, Jarry continued to create marionette theatre and wrote extensively about the virtue of the puppet and the use of mask in performance.

Jarry may be best remembered for his Ubu plays because they were among the very first expressions of Theatre of the Absurd emphasizing the absurdity of the human condition. This image of Ubu, which Jarry embodied, blurring his life and his art, quickly became an icon of greed and malice that artists continue to respond to and explore. Jarry was also the author of several complex and beautifully crafted symbolist books and as a visual artist he devoted his attention to the woodcut and printed art.

The Gallery will feature sculpture by Michael Sommers.

$15 — Suggested donation per person

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This FUSEBOX residency performance is offered for free, but we ask you to make a donation to support this exciting program as Open Eye invests in artists for the development phase of new work. Reservations required. ONLY 40 tickets per show!

Performance Schedule
April 12, 7:30pm SOLD OUT
April 13, 7:30pm SOLD OUT
April 14, 7:30pm Canceled
April 15, 7:30pm SOLD OUT

Runtime: 50 minutes
Recommended for ages 18 and up.

Contact Open Eye at audienceservices@openeyetheatre.org or 612-874-6338 for accessibility information, including ASL reservation.

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