Annie and the Bang Bang

June 26, 2017

Annie and the Bang Bang in an intimate, small-scale arena rock show. A concert-as-a-storytelling-intensifier: a delivery system for the pleasures of rock and roll. Immense human experience in small human space.

Come closer. We're all animals with stories.

Celebrating the release of their third album Still up? and the tour behind it, the band, in collaboration with folks most intimate with their music—sound designer Sean Healey, and lighting-and-projection designer Michael Murnane—will craft an intimate, small-scale arena rock concert in the jewel box theater of Open Eye.

Fronted and founded by fight director, songwriter and guitarist Annie Enneking, Annie and the Bang Bang craft dreamily potent grunge-meets-late-60s-dark-rock gems that value energy, theatricality, animal intelligence, and beautiful mischief that holds some truth. Annie writes visceral songs about every day obsessive heart break, and relies on the artistry, invention, and dig-right-down-into-it-ness of the Bang Bang: the stacked chording and “just what the song wants” additional guitar of John Riedlinger, the stealthy bass-shark that is Tom Penney, and the heavy adventure and sharp, corner-turning drums of Mike Kittel.

More about Annie and the Bang Bang.

$10 — Suggested donation or pay what you can at the door

Performance Schedule

Monday, June 26, 7:30pm

All ages welcome. 


Contact Open Eye at or 612-874-6338 for other accessibility information.