The Holiday Pageant

  • Open Eye Figure Theatre

Written and directed by Michael Sommers
Composed and arranged by Victor Zupanc

Lucifer is despondent — mankind has become so base and vile that he has nothing to do. Daring to visit the Godhead, he pleads for the 'one on high' to do something about the situation so he can do his best work. A delightful and original retelling of the Mystery Plays and the Second Shepherds's Play, the stage fills with angels and devils, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and Fluffsie the lamb. 

Accompanied with a community chorus and Open Eye's house band, this year's version will feature the original cast that played together from 2001- 2007. Look for Kevin Kling as Joseph and the Shepherd Mak, Sarah Agnew doubling as the littlest angel and Lucifer's minion. Luverne Seifert is the lovelorn shepherd, and Sommers himself is Lucifer. Add in the next generation of performers with Liz Schachterle as Mary and Noah Sommers Haas as the shepherd boy, and Maren Ward showing up as Father Winter, and you will delight in a fresh and authentic celebration for the season complete with Christmas cookies for the entire audience. 

Performance Schedule

Friday    December 117:30 pm (Opening)

SaturdayDecember 127:30 pm

Sunday December 132 pm

WednesdayDecember 167:30 pm

ThursdayDecember 177:30 pm

FridayDecember 187:30 pm

SaturdayDecember 192 pm 

SaturdayDecember 197:30 pm 

SundayDecember 202 pm

SundayDecember 207:30 pm

MondayDecember 217:30 pm


$25 — General Admission
$22 — Senior (65+) 
$15 — Students
$12 — Children (12 and under)

Pay-as-able option always available.

Tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets (coming soon).
Reservations or pre-purchase strongly recommended.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.
Run time: approx. 60 minutes.