Spring for Summer!

  • The Home of Uri and Melissa Camarena 116 22nd Street E 55404

Enjoy this evening of festivity in the beautiful setting of our hosts, Uri and Melissa Camarena's historical home. 

Tour the house to discover a pop-up puppet show and secreted closet oddities as your ears are graced with beautiful song and your eyes witness tabletop pirouettes.

You will be dazzled by delicious morsels, planned and prepared by Beth Dooley, Lucia Watson, and Susan Haas.

Prepare to bid madly at the Silent Auction and wildly at the Live Auction (which we promise will be the most theatrical you've ever witnessed).

Performances by Michael Sommers and Liz Schachterle; previews of summer concerts by Bradley Greenwald, Prudence Johnson, Dan Choinard, and Diana Grasseli.

Our last Spring for Summer at the home of Uri and Melissa Camerena!

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April 24
Mop Dog
June 10
Nature Creature