Driveway Tour Locations 2018

See LITTLE GRANDPA'S BIG SURPRISE in a backyard or park near you this summer! 

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June 13, 7pm
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
2742 15th Ave. S, Minneapolis

June 14, 7pm
Como Student Community Coop (CSCC)
1024 27th Ave SE, Minneapolis

June 15, 7pm
127 14th Ave NW, New Brighton

June 16, 7pm
653 Galtier St., St. Paul

June 17, 1pm
Edina Community Lutheran Church
4113 W. 54th Street, Edina

June 19, 7pm
2625 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis

June 20, 7pm
4209 Morningside Rd, Edina

June 21, 7pm
797 Summit Ave, St. Paul

June 23, 10am
Bloomington Farmer's Market
1800 W Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington

June 23, 4pm
4916 Clinton Ave, Minneapolis

June 23, 7pm
Metropolitan State University
700 East 7th St, St. Paul

June 24, 1pm
Eat My Words Bookstore
214 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis

June 24, 4pm
3642 Xerxes Ave N, Minneapolis

June 25, 7pm
6136 Morgan Court, Minneapolis

July 7, 11:15am
George Latimer Library
90 W 4th St, St. Paul

July 7, 4pm
Old Highland Peace Garden
1803 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis

July 8, 1pm
1854 Onacrest CT, St. Paul

July 8, 4pm
4203 Blaisdell Avenue, Minneapolis

July 11, 11am
Linden Hills Library
2900 W 43rd St, Minneapolis

July 11, 7pm
West Bank CDC
1916 South 7th St, Minneapolis

July 13, 10:30am
St. Louis Park Library
3240 Library Lane, Minneapolis

July 14, 7pm
3421 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis

July 15, 4pm
530 Belvidere St E, St. Paul 

July 15, 1pm
2822 Taylor St. NE, Minneapolis

July 17, 7pm
5301 37th Ave S, Minneapolis

July 19, 6pm
Lauderdale Farmers Market
1885 Fulham St, Lauderdale

July 20, 7pm
4424 Logan Ave North, Minneapolis

July 21, 3:15pm Highpoint Printing
912 W Lake St, Minneapolis

July 24, 7pm
McDonough Recreation Center
1544 Timberlake Rd, St. Paul

July 25, 7pm
Willow and Sprout
3029 Wilson Street NE, St. Anthony Village

July 26, 7pm
Homewood Studions
2400 Plymouth Avenue N, Minneapolis

July 28, 12pm
Open Eye Figure Theatre
506 E 24th St., Minneapolis

July 28, 2pm
Open Eye Figure Theatre
506 E 24th St., Minneapolis

July 29, 7pm
Northrop PTA
4315 31st Avenue S, Minneapolis

Created by Michael Sommers
June 13 - July 29

Little Grandpa and Big cake 2.jpg

Little Grandpa is turning 100 years old, and his granddaughter BB is planning the best, biggest, most bodacious, and SECRET — ssshhh — Surprise birthday party ever. But when cake-baking chaos ensues, BB has to call on her friends and neighbors for help. Can they bring all the ingredients together in time?
This brand new Driveway Tour show is complete with flying cakes, catchy tunes, and Henry the Helpful Rooster! LITTLE GRANDPA'S BIG SURPRISE is sure to delight and entertain all ages.