Driveway Tour at Open Eye 

July 8 - 22

A part of Open Eye's 2017 Driveway Tour!

Join us at Open Eye Theatre for performances of each Driveway Tour Show throughout the month of July!

All performances are free with complimentary ice cream after the show. 

Molly and The Magic Boot - Saturday, July 8th 11:00am
A city girl named Molly is stuck on Grandma's farm for the summer with no TV, no cell phone, and no video games! But with the help of some fantastical footwear, her fabulous farm friends, and a little imagination, Molly discovers how fun the outdoors can be!

The Amazing Cow Boat - Saturday, July 15th 11:00am
The story of a boy named Charlie who is playing in the bathtub.  His imagination comes alive as he pretends he is the captain of a boat that is part cow, part boat, part amazing!  Together Charlie and his Cow Boat meet pirates, a nest of baby birds and the moon.

Tucker's Robot - Saturday, July 22nd 11:00am           
Tucker is a young boy who needs to go back in time to face a neighborhood bully.  How do you go back in time?  With a time traveling robot of course!  Together Tucker and his robot discover the importance of friendship and the courage to face a bully.


Free! (No reservations required)

Performance Schedule

July 8th, 11:00am - Molly and the Magic Boot
July 15th, 11:00am - The Amazing Cow Boat
July 22nd, 11:00am - Tucker's Robot

For all ages!


Contact Open Eye at or 612-874-6338 for accessibility information.