Open Eye Figure Theatre Presents


August 2 - 4, 2018

A FUSEBOX project by Joel Sass

Trip, trap, trip, trap—who’s walking over my bridge? Welcome to Beldenville, Maine, where townsfolk scoff at the legend of a troll who lives under their bridge—until one dark night a child vanishes and is never seen again. Once famous for maple syrup, Beldenville is now notorious as a place where citizens can vanish for years, but sometimes return having been 'troll-bit'—changed and unrecognizable to those they left behind. Mythic, mysterious, and full of frights and laughs, FINGER-BONE is a modern fable about childhood’s end—and adulthood’s beginning. 

FINGER-BONE is a work-in-progress presented as an intimate, immersive exhibition in the cellar of Open Eye Theatre:

  • Peruse artifacts from the town's disturbing history...
  • Taste the last of the famous maple syrup beer from the Beldenville Caves...
  • Explore the giant bones exhumed in 1866 on the Penobscot farm...
  • Page through the police files of The Missing ....and hear the recorded testimony of Those Who Returned....
  • Peek through the stone wall that seals the entrance to the infamous Beldenville Tunnel....if you dare!

"FINGER-BONE is a show I'm developing as a sequel to last year's critically-acclaimed THE RED SHOES. Whereas that piece took the Hans Christian Anderson story about a cursed pair of red dancing shoes and re-made it as a 1940s film noir mystery, FINGER-BONE will explore the legend of a troll who lives under a bridge in rural Maine. Many people in the little town of Beldenville know of the troll, and over the years some of them have gone missing. A few have returned, all of them missing a finger, and in other ways changed in personality and behavior. 

"I'm using my FUSEBOX residency at Open Eye to experiment with what I call 'design dramaturgy' in developing this story. Instead of writing a script, I'm in the workshop creating objects and environments that explore the world of the show. The result will be an immersive walk-through exhibit of the creepy local historical society of Beldenville which is dedicated to the legend and history of the Beldenville Troll. Audiences will discover this exhibit in the atmospheric and ominous cellar spaces of Open Eye." 

- Joel Sass

FUSEBOX projects are exciting, unpredictable, new works in development, created by Twin Cities artists exploring new intersections between performance, song, puppetry, dance, and visual art.

Audiences are an important part of the process! Sharing these new works-in-progress give artists an opportunity to interact with audiences and refine their productions based on audience feedback.

$15 — General Admission
$12 — with Fringe Festival button
A limited number of $10 Economic Accessibility tickets are available online. Pay as able at the door.
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Performance Schedule
August 2, 7:30pm
August 3, 7:30pm
August 4, 7:30pm

Runtime: 60 minutes

This show will take place in various spaces around Open Eye, but not in the theatre. Please check in next door to the theatre at 512 E 24th S.

Contact Open Eye at or 612-874-6338 for accessibility information, including ASL reservation.

This show is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please be aware that ongoing construction on 35W and surrounding streets and bridges will affect your route to Open Eye. Please allow extra time getting to the theatre. We recommend using map apps to navigate to the theatre, following posted detour signs, and consulting MNDOT for current projects at