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August 31, 2019

Open Eye is proud to host this exciting workshop series curated by Liz "Howls" Schachterle, multi-disciplinary artist and founder/impresario of the beloved Full Moon Puppet Show! Interested in learning about puppetry? Eager to acquire new skills? These workshops led by master artists are perfect for beginners AND experienced puppeteers alike!


$20 — General Admission


Yes, YOUR HANDS have Breath!

August 31, 10am - 1pm

Join Sandy Spieler for a fun, interactive workshop where you will learn a set of skills for bringing anything inanimate to life. Sandy is one of the founders of In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, and a long time puppeteer, director and movement coach. Bring in a puppet or object you want to work with or we’ll provide you with a variety of puppets from Open Eye and from Sandy’s box of puppets. This 3 hour workshop will focus on a foundation of physical acting, performance skills and emoting through puppets. All levels of puppeteers are encouraged to attend.

Teacher: Sandy Spieler

SANDY SPIELER’s work includes tiny puppet shows, community collaborative performances, main stage theater productions, and public art installations. Led by curiosity, awe, outrage, and love, she worked with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre for 45 years. Her works for the Water are an on-going passion. She has received two UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, and the 2014 Distinguished Artist of the Year Award from the McKnight Foundation. Learn more at sandyspieler.com.

Max Participants: 15 people
Age Recommendation: 14 and up