Open Eye is thrilled to announce the launch of FUSEBOX2.0, the second season of our artist residency program, which this year will offer 6 months of support to 3 exciting artists creating new work that focuses on puppetry and object theater. This year's FUSEBOX artists are:

Tobi Daniel, Gaia Mencagli, and Emily Zimmer

Tobi Daniel, Gaia Mencagli, and Emily Zimmer

Tobi Daniel: Working with collaborator Benjamin Domask, Tobi will combine clown, mime, puppetry, movement and juggling with carefully modulated lighting to explore the transformational behaviors of communication.

Gaia Mencagli: Gaia will devise a new piece inspired by stories collected from twenty women in ten different countries, as channeled through a tipsy French woman who finally manages to uncork a magical bottle of wine.

Emily Zimmer: Working with collaborators Dan Dukich, Sulia Altenburg, and Gradylee Shapiro, Emily will weave projection puppetry, original music, and live performance into a meditation and celebration of mothering, mental illness, work, gender, queerness, healing and community.

The finalists were selected via a rigorous review process from among 26 highly competitive applications. The selection panel consisted of MasanariKawahari (performer, puppeteer, and associate artist at In the Heart of the Beast and Pillsbury House), Chelsea Mastellar Warren (associate professor of scenic design at the University of Minnesota), Jay Owen Eisenberg (writer, performer, and coordinator of the FUSEBOX 2.0 program), Michael Sommers (co-founder and artist-in-residence at Open Eye), and Joel Sass (director, designer, and Associate Artistic Producer for Open Eye).

Meet Jay Owen Eisenberg, our 2019 FUSEBOX Coordinator!

Recently seen in CONSTANCE IN THE DARKNESS, Jay will be managing logistics, artist support, and partnering with Open Eye to formalize our peer feedback protocols.

Jay Owen Eisenberg, FUSEBOX Coordinator: jay.eisenberg@openeyetheatre.org