Our Mission

Open Eye Figure Theatre creates original figure theatre, animating the inanimate on an intimate scale; trains the next generation of figure theatre artists; and advances adventurous, artist-driven programming.

Our Vision

Open Eye Figure Theatre aspires to be internationally recognized for its commitment to the art form of figure theater and for the unique, contagious exchange it creates between artists and audiences. 

Our Values

  • We believe deeply in our art form and in the profound exchange that happens with live performance.

  • We are committed to pioneering, artist-driven work.

  • We build relationships by giving, including and delighting.

  • We practice artistic stewardship, using our resources responsibly.

  • We provide a place for teaching and growth that leads to shared ownership among artists.

  • We strive for economic, geographic and physical access to our work, and are strongly committed to our neighborhood.

Our Commitment to Access

Open Eye is committed to making its performances and activities accessible in all ways.