MurderCrime! At Brockingsforde Manor

A Part of the Chestfield House Classics Collection

August 25 - 28

Created by Peter Lincoln Rusk and Justin Spooner

Perched amongst the hills and streams of Westenshire, Brockingsforde Manor sits wreathed in the mists of solitude.  Within its chambers and galleries, a thousand mysteries await, locked away for centuries.  But on this night, a group of strangers are summoned by perilous invitation.   Suddenly a cry pierces the darkness! A crime has been committed.  A Murder Crime.

From the team that brought you SPACE GIRL at Bedlam Theatre in Spring 2015, MurderCrime is a farcically felonious thriller in the tradition of Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock and Scooby Doo, created to excite, astonish and amuse.  Poison, betrayal, alibis, creaking doors and is that painting me…?  Is it too heinous and ghastly for civilized viewing?  You be the judge, in MurderCrime!

Created by Peter Lincoln Rusk and Justin Spooner, MurderCrime stars a team potent and vigorous performers including Edward Euclide, Paul Stucker, Bree Schmidt, Kenzi Allen, Alec Lambert, Madelyne Riley, Alexander Stene, Rick Miller, Shannon Leach and Garrett Vollmer

In addition, MurderCrime will feature an original score by Kalen Keir and costumes by Nicholas Swenson.

$15 — General

Performance Schedule

August 25th - 8:00pm

August 26th - 8:00pm

August 27th - 8:00pm

August 28th - 8:00pm


SPECIAL NOTE: In addition to performances at Open Eye Figure Theatre, MurderCrime! will also be performing in residences and small venues on Sept 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Contact for more details.

Recommended for ages 12 and up. Pay-as-able option always available. Reservations or pre-purchase strongly recommended.