Patrick's Cabaret Presents

Taboo Tongues 

September 8 - 9, 2017

Patrick's Cabaret and Judoka Pop (spoken word artist Eric Tu) present "Taboo Tongues"— a multi-disciplinary cabaret featuring artists on the edge of culture exploring cultural taboos. On the surface, taboos can seem to be mutually exclusive from culture to culture, but in this multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary cabaret, artists explore what happens when we learn about our backgrounds by uncovering our social prohibitions. Experience how the most sacred of sins echo beyond the stage, and how we can embrace the forbidden across cultures.

$10 from participating artists
$10 (plus service charge) online
Sliding scale $12-15 at the door

Performance Schedule
September 8, 7:30pm
September 9, 7:30pm

Run time: 2 hours, including a 15 min intermission

We sometimes get the question: Are your shows "kid-friendly?" While we always enjoy when parents bring kids to shows, we can never really say if it's "kid-friendly" because we don't see the work ahead of time, and every family has a different definition of what "kid-friendly" means. We don't preview artists' work and there's always the possibility of being exposed to language, images, or ideas that are challenging or provocative for the audience. Some especially enlightened families have reported using those challenging moments as an opportunity to start conversation about what a family values. If it feels right, take a chance!

Contact Open Eye at or 612-874-6338 for accessibility information.

Construction near Open Eye
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