The Red Shoes

March 3 - March 25, 2017 (Extended!)

Produced in partnership with Joel Sass’ Oddfellows Collective. Conceived, written, designed and directed by Joel Sass. Featuring performer Kimberly Richardson. Including Noah Sommers Haas (performer and assistant director), Rick Miller (performer), Ariane Mass (performer), Sean Healey (sound), Bill Healey (lighting), and Salima Seale (stage manager).

The Red Shoes takes its title from a classic Hans Christian Andersen story of a young girl and a pair of red shoes, and thrillingly re-imagines it as a retro-urban fairytale.

The heroine of this adventure is more of a mouse than a warrior, hiding in a tiny apartment in the middle of the Big City, fearful of venturing out, or of letting anyone (or anything) in. But she’s not alone.

Eventually a pair of haunted red shoes is delivered to her doorstep, and they propel our heroine into a harrowing film noir adventure through the labyrinths and spiral staircases of her own mind, where she must face down her fears of what lurks in the subway tunnel, and discover what fate has in store for her up on the rooftop!

Equally humorous and hair-raising, The Red Shoes draws inspiration and influences from vintage detective novels, black and white film noir movies of the 1930s and ’40s, and case studies of amnesia and multiple personality. The inventive use of manipulated objects, dolls, and masks provide a dream-like quality to the unfolding adventure.


"Richardson has a ball, posing like Dietrich, clowning like Chaplin and dancing like Shearer herself." - Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

"The Red Shoes is something so curious and unique, odd and chilling, inventive and charming, it's thoroughly captivating from start to finish." - Jill Schaefer, Cherry and Spoon

"Probably the best adjective to describe 'The Red Shoes' is 'intricate.' It’s a pleasing puzzlement with lots of moving parts, a story that constantly morphs in scale and a staging that keeps you guessing." - Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press

"The dark, quirky fun of this play is akin to the fun of playing with mechanical toys instead of digital/virtual ones. So visceral!" - Janet Preus, How Was the Show

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This performance was funded with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts to Open Eye Figure Theatre and from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to The Oddfellows Collective. 

$18 — General Admission
$15 — Senior (65+)
$12 — Students

Kimberly Richardson. Photo by Ron Ravensborg.

Kimberly Richardson. Photo by Ron Ravensborg.

Performance Schedule

March 3rd, 7:30pm
March 4th. 7:30pm
March 5th, 4:00pm

March 9th, 7:30pm
March 10th, 7:30pm
March 11th, 7:30pm
March 12th, 4:00pm                         March 13th, 7:30pm

March 16th, 7:30pm
March 17th, 7:30pm
March 18th, 7:30pm
March 19th, 4:00pm 

March 23rd, 7:30pm
March 24th, 7:30pm
March 25th, 3:00pm(Newly Added Date!)
March 25th, 7:30pm

Recommended for ages 14 and up. Pay-as-able option always available. Reservations or pre-purchase strongly recommended.


Contact Open Eye at or 612-874-6338 for other accessibility information.

ASL Interpretation for Sunday March 19th, 4pm has been cancelled.