Rooted: A Performance by Tim Miller 

March 15

Rooted is a performance by Tim Miller about hidden history, family trees, the gorgeous perversity of obsessive genealogical research, and what happens when we actually achieve one kind of social change after long effort and then facea new horror slouching toward the White House.

Somehow it all leaps out of June 26, 2013, the day the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned—I realized this was the first marriage license in my family issued in New York state since 1865. This launches me down the ancestry.cum rabbit hole with stops along the way to...hidden family histories, the Ginsbergian "cocks of the grandfathers of Kansas," the family tree of heart trouble, and finally a day at the Department of Homeland Security where all the ancestors—from Australia and Scotland and NY state—gather to witness our green card interview and prepare for the social justice fights ahead in this new and troubling Amerika.



$18 — General Admission
$12 — Student

Performance Schedule
March 15, 7:30pm

Pay-as-able option always available. Reservations or pre-purchase strongly recommended.

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