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Open Eye is committed to economic accessibility to the Arts.  A Pay-as-Able ticket request may be made at the door for any show that is not sold out.

2014 - 2015 Season

Open Eye Productions

The Thin Veil: Stories and Songs of Ghosts and Hauntings — (Oct. 22 - Nov. 1)

Master storyteller Kevin Kling presents a spine-chilling ode to the unexplained. With stories set in Minnesota and based on true accounts, Kling will explore things that go bump in our hearts and minds, what is uniquely frightening and frightens, and find common solace in what scares the wool pants off of us.
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Guest Productions

Fortune's Fool Theatre presents Why We Laugh - A Terezin Cabaret — (Sept. 12 - 27)

In this new adaptation of a cabaret written and performed in 1944 in the Jewish Ghetto at Terezín, characters based on the original Terezín performers encounter "the scholar" from our present. As the performers look forward to the postwar future and the scholar looks back toward their past, we discover why the Terezín prisoners laughed, and what that laughter means to us today. Featuring Julie Kurtz, Elise Langer, Ryan Lindberg, and Skyler Nowinski.
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Theatre of the Ridiculous and Absurd presents PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI:THE COCKETTES MUSICAL — (Oct. 8 - 11)

PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI:THE COCKETTES MUSICAL is based loosely on John Colton's scandalous 1926 Broadway play The Shanghau Gesture later transformed into a deliriously decadent art deco film noir by Josef von Sternberg in 1941, PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI:THE COCKETTES MUSICAL is a gender bending comic mock-operetta about white slavery, opium dens, and miscegenation set in the colorful world of 1937 Shanghai. He places his story at the crossroads of good and evil, his exotic "old sin town" is filled with singing sailors, humorous whores, foolish immortals, handmaidens and henchmen, all taking their places in streets teeming with the mix of foreign aristocrats, opium addicts, and gangland slave-trade czars.
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