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Open Eye is committed to economic accessibility to the Arts.  A Pay-as-Able ticket request may be made at the door for any show that is not sold out.

2014 - 2015 Season

Upcoming Open Eye Productions

The Juniper Tree — (November 7  30)

The Juniper Tree is a retelling of the Brothers Grimm classic. It’s the story of a boy whose mother died soon after he was born and was buried beneath the juniper tree, the tree under which she had wished for her son. The father remarries and the evil stepmother beheads the boy, cooks him into a stew and serves him to his father. As any good fairytale, this has it all — evil, fright, singing birds, magic, and in the end, justice and resurrection. Told with puppets, actors and a live band, the dark elements of the story are contrasted by moments of beauty and humor that in the end celebrate the renewal and power of love.

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