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Open Eye Figure Theatre Presents


JUNE 14 - JULY 28, 2019


Featuring Alison Tobi Daniel, Michael Brown, Emily Zimmer, Gaia Mencagli, Johanna Winter, Andrew Young, Teatro Paradox, and more!

See quirky puppetry and toy theater, live bands, and then hang out in our garden for an Afterglow party with signature cocktails and socializing. Each weekend will feature a different line-up of puppetry artists and bands, so you'll want to come back for more!

WEEKEND 1: JUNE 14 - 15

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An Illuminating conversation: Part 4

Created by Benjamin Domask and Tobi Daniel

Come join the non-verbal conversation between the head and the heart as they shine light on the murky darkness of communication. Questions surrounding the emotional depth of feeling innate to the human race explode out of a non-sequitur sequence of events involving light bulbs, electrical cords, shadows, and hand-holding.


Invitation to a Beheading

Created by Sweven Theatre and Rough House
Michael Brown (adapter, director, performer)
Chelsea Warren (creative collaborator, puppet designer, resident genius)
Claire Saxe (deviser, performer)
Corey Smith (deviser, performer, sound designer)
Mike Oleon (puppet and mask designer)
Noah Appelbaum (performer)
Jackie Penrod (set designer)

In a bizarre and irrational world, a man is condemned to death for an absurd crime, and sent to a surreal prison to await his execution. But the prison may not be what it seems...

Alternately disorienting, absurd, hysterical, and hopeful, this great novel by one of the 20th century’s masters is brought to the stage in a co-production by Rough House and Sweven Theatre. With their signature combination of playfulness and strangeness, full of surprising twists and turns, and told through a combination of puppetry, masks, and imaginative storytelling.


June 14: TBD
June 15: Wendy Lewis

WEEKEND 2: JUNE 28 - 29

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Gay Teddy Bears

Created by the ensemble (Sulia Altenberg, Dan Dukich, Jay Eisenberg, Gradylee Shapiro and Emily Zimmer)
Music by Dan Dukich
Directed by Emily Zimmer

It's the late nineties in a Missouri college town where a butch townie works at the Sinclair station when the phone rings on New Year's Day. Turns out, mom called to talk about a magical, majestic invention that came to her the night before. Watch how the world changes as gay teddy bears, queer gas station workers and a mom with mental illness sweetly struggle through it in a story told with shadow and silhouettes to soundtrack from the gas station radio.


June 28: TBD
June 29: TBD

WEEKEND 3: JULY 12 - 13

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It's Red!

Created by Gaia Mencagli

Inspired by stories collected from twenty women in ten different countries It´s Red! explores the menstrual cycle through creative storytelling, as a tipsy French woman who finally manages to uncork a magical bottle of wine becomes the host of the night. Humoristic, partially interactive, and poetic this play discovers how words, movement, objects, and music can all work together to reveal the secrets of one of the females’ biggest mystery.



Created by Johanna Winters
Co-produced by Benjamin Wills
Puppeteering by Johanna Winters, Benjamin Wills, ONOH, Alex Olson, Alicia Kelly, Emily Lund
Sound design by Braden Young

NARROWE WITNISS is a puppet-figure performance and sound piece that reimagines the suppression of female desire, longing, and agency. Two bards keep cadence with a restrained "bottle-breathing" as a shadow toothing harvest unfolds behind them. Using marionettes, shadow theatre, and invented phonetic language, this work considers a moment when the experiences of women demand to be witnessed.


July 12: TBD
July 13: Poor Nobodies

WEEKEND 4:  JULY 20 - 2 1

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The Alluvial

Written by Andrew Young
Created with the Ensemble

Growing up as a minority there are a lot of things you keep to yourself; questions only looked at within the shadows of yourself. Through shadow puppetry, live performance, storytelling, and sound, The Alluvial explores questions of place, belonging, and the shifting nature of memory --  a meditation on family, migration, and identity, to bring the things passed down to us into the light.

Content warning: Gun violence, depression, suicidal ideation

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Layout, unfolding: Camille Trouvé and Brice Berthoud
Performed by Camille Trouvé with Sandrine Lefèbvre on the cello

A woman sits down nonchalantly to leaf through the daily paper. Unfortunately, however, today’s news refuses to be thus nonchalantly skimmed and jumps right into her face instead.

The information unfolds into little paper puppets ready to spit out their truths, their venom or their poetry at the distraught reader.At the next table sits a cellist sight-reading an unusual musical score. She joins in the newspaper narration to compose a fugue punctuated by the sound of the pages turning….


July 20: TBD
July 21: TBD

WEEKEND 5: JULY 26 - 28



By Paradox Teatro: Sofia Padilla (Mexico City), Davey T Steinman (Pittsburgh), and Kalen Keir (Minneapolis)

In light of expanding border walls around the globe, MIGRACIONES follows the voyage of refugees as they travel on legs, wings, and dreams in search of a new home. Paradox Teatro is a collaboration between artists from México and the United States, communicating across cultures through puppetry, shadows, and music in English and Spanish.


July 26: Renée Copeland 
July 27 - 28:
Leonor Guelbenzu



$12 — General Admission

A limited number of $10 Economic Accessibility tickets are available online. If not sold out, a limited number of pay as able tickets will be available at the door.
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Performance Schedule

June 14, 7:30pm
June 15, 7:30pm
June 28, 7:30pm
June 29, 7:30pm
July 12, 7:30pm
July 13, 7:30pm

Age Recommendation

Varies by weekend.


Contact Open Eye at audienceservices@openeyetheatre.org or 612-874-6338 for accessibility information and requests.

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