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See quirky puppetry and toy theater, live bands, and then hang out in our garden for an Afterglow party with signature cocktails and socializing!

JULY 12 - 13, 2019

Women artists focus on women’s experiences!

Featuring Gaia Mencagli, Johanna Winters, and Music by Fort Wilson Riot and Jenny Wyse & Joey Ford of Coy & Daring

Each weekend will feature a different line-up of puppetry artists and bands, so you'll want to come back for more! View the full 5-week line-up.


$15 — General Admission
A limited number of $10 Economic Accessibility tickets are available online. If not sold out, a limited number of pay as able tickets will be available at the door. View our ticketing policy.

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It's Red!

Created by FUSEBOX artist Gaia Mencagli

Inspired by stories collected from twenty women in ten different countries It´s Red! explores the menstrual cycle through creative storytelling, as a tipsy French woman who finally manages to uncork a magical bottle of wine becomes the host of the night. Humoristic, partially interactive, and poetic this play discovers how words, movement, objects, and music can all work together to reveal the secrets of one of the females’ biggest mystery.



Direct from Kansas City!
Created by Johanna Winters

ENDLNG proposes a narrative in which female desire and agency demand to be witnessed. Our protagonist confronts her burdensome longing and disappointment through a merging of puppetry, gesture, language, and ritual. Bolstered by her puppeteer minders as she resists a deteriorating condition, the ENDLNG glimpses a moment of intimacy and resilience through a shadow fever-dream.

With MUSICal Guests

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JULY 12: Fort Wilson Riot

Fort Wilson Riot is a Minneapolis indie rock band that fuses genres such as electro-synth-pop, R&B, shoegaze, psychedelic-rock and crooning balladry. This array of styles is tightly stitched together by the distinct voices of songwriters Amy Hager (vocals/keys/trumpet/guitar), and Jacob Mullis (vocals/guitar/keys). The couples irresistibly catchy melodies sit nestled within a beautiful wall of sound generated by Ryan Mach (drums/samples), Jenny Hansen (bass/vocals), Aaron Baum (guitar/keys), and Peter Lavoie (saxophone). The range and quality of the songwriting make for a unique, and captivating listening experience.

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July 13: Coy & Daring

Coy & Daring is the duo project of Jenna Wyse and Joey Ford. The couple began playing music together over a decade ago, but mainly focused their writing to fit the sounds of their various projects: Tree Party, The Poor Nobodys, The 7-Shot Symphony. Named by the waning and waxing of the moon, the duo behind Coy & Daring have begun making public the music they've kept to themselves.