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See quirky puppetry and toy theater, live bands, and then hang out in our garden for an Afterglow party with signature cocktails and socializing!

July 20, 2019 — One Night Only!

A double-bill of local & international puppetry artists!

Featuring Andrew Young, Camille Trouvé, and Brice Berthoud

Each weekend will feature a different line-up of puppetry artists and bands, so you'll want to come back for more! View the full 5-week line-up.


$15 — General Admission
A limited number of $10 Economic Accessibility tickets are available online. If not sold out, a limited number of pay as able tickets will be available at the door. View our ticketing policy.


The Alluvial

Written by Andrew Young
Created with the Ensemble

Growing up as a minority there are a lot of things you keep to yourself; questions only looked at within the shadows of yourself. Through shadow puppetry, live performance, storytelling, and sound, The Alluvial explores questions of place, belonging, and the shifting nature of memory -- a meditation on family, migration, and identity, to bring the things passed down to us into the light.

Content warning: Gun violence, depression, suicidal ideation.

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Direct from France!
Layout, unfolding: Camille Trouvé and Brice Berthoud
Performed by Camille Trouvé with Sandrine Lefèbvre on the cello

A woman sits down nonchalantly to leaf through the daily paper. Unfortunately, however, today’s news refuses to be thus nonchalantly skimmed and jumps right into her face instead.

The information unfolds into little paper puppets ready to spit out their truths, their venom or their poetry at the distraught reader.At the next table sits a cellist sight-reading an unusual musical score. She joins in the newspaper narration to compose a fugue punctuated by the sound of the pages turning….

With Musical Guests

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32nd Street Jazz

South Minneapolis’ 32nd Street Jazz is a jazz/funk/rock quartet playing original tunes, jazz standards and non-standards, featuring Michael Wilson, Mona Wong, Scott Anderson and Brandon Sisneroz. Learn more.