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Open Eye Figure Theatre Presents


June 22 - July 21, 2018

See quirky puppetry and toy theater, live bands, and then hang out in our garden for an after party with signature cocktails. Each weekend will feature a different line-up of puppetry artists and bands, so you'll want to come back for more.

JULY 20-21 Line-up

Week3-Steve Ackerman-Artist02.jpg

By Steve Ackerman
Cast/Collaborators: Jon Mac Cole, Maren Ward, Sulia Altenberg, Theodora Rodine, Kat Eng, Luc Parker, Dave Rupel, Alex Young, and Akiko Ostlund

Ackerman is back with another surprise — will it be motorcycles or tornadoes or unseasonal snowstorms in July? Chaos and hilarity will be sure to reign.

By One Flea Circus
Creative collaborators: Tobi J Daniel and Olli Johnson

With a deep spirit of wonder we take you on a journey of a tiny man in a world of ever shifting reality and perspective. A tale as deep as heartwood and as light as an elephant made of cloud. Pin your heart to your sleeve, close your eyes and take a leap.

Week3-Tobi Daniels-Artist02.png


July 20: Renée Copeland
Renée Copeland is a poet, musician, singer-songwriter, dancer and choreographer. She combines her passions to produce soundscapes for live dance performances as well as performing her soul/folk sound solo and within Twin Cities musical collaborations. Playing the acoustic and sometimes electric guitar, while singing sultry notes, her songs hold themes of both personal and political nature, always bending toward compassion and justice. Renée will be accompanied by one of Twin Cities' finest musicians, Lightnin' Joe Peterson on guitar and harmonica. Listen to her music on Soundcloud!

Week3-Renee Copeland-Band.jpg

July 21: SlovCzech
Contemporary Czechoslovak and European folk-rock! SlovCzech was founded in 2007 by three friends from within the Czech and Slovak community in Minneapolis with a vision to share great folk melodies and lyrics blended with contemporary rock music. Check out their unique sound!


$10 —  General Admission
Pay as able at the door, subject to availability.
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Performance Schedule
June 22, 7:30pm
June 23, 7:30pm
July 6, 7:30pm
July 7, 7:30pm
July 20, 7:30pm
July 21, 7:30pm

Contact Open Eye at audienceservices@openeyetheatre.org or 612-874-6338 for accessibility information, including ASL reservation.

Please be aware that ongoing construction on 35W and surrounding streets and bridges will affect your route to Open Eye. Please allow extra time getting to the theatre. We recommend using map apps to navigate to the theatre, following posted detour signs, and consulting MNDOT for current projects at dot.state.mn.us/35w94.

Past Line-ups

By Chelsea Masteller Warren
Creative collaborators: ABC Collaborations, Chelsea M. Warren, Ann Boyd, and Brett Masteller with Josephine Everett

From the depths of her bathtub, a woman on the edge of elderhood recounts a life she sees largely as a failure. In her journey as an OceAviator all she did was come eye to eye with octopi, stand in the belly of a whale, fly into unknown depths to the songs of the sea in search of what she never found...or did she?

Week1-Chelsea Masteller-Warren-Artist02.jpg

With "man in a Movie: Art World Part 1"
By Stacey Davidson
Creative collaborators: A narrator (TBD)

Stacey Davidson, a painter who makes dolls, former Minnesotan and now a Southerner, will attempt to place before you the White Lie, the Innocence which Constitutes the Crime. Also, her stop-motion animation man in a Movie: Art World Part 1, will make its Minnesota debut, in which man (the doll) takes off his clothes only to face the retail realities of the Art World (bring your Kleenex!).

Week2-Stacey Davidson-Artist02.jpg
Week1-Annie Enneking-Band.jpg


June 22: Annie Enneking

She fronts and founded the searing, mischievous rock band Annie and the Bang Bang, and, as a more mellow, acoustic-based singer-songwriter, gets to the heart of the matter on albums like what i want now i will want later and Lyndale & 24th, where everything is spare and true and hurts just right.  

June 23: Lovers on the Balcony
Lovers on the Balcony cooks up a dark and lovely harmonious groove with original songs inspired by an eclectic stew of funk, folk, and punk.

Week1-Deacon Warner-Lovers On The Balcony-Band01.jpg

By Paradox Teatro - Sofia Padilla (Mexico City), Davey T Steinman (Pittsburgh), and Kalen Keir (Minneapolis)

In light of expanding border walls around the globe, MIGRACIONES follows the voyage of refugees as they travel on legs, wings, and dreams in search of a new home. Paradox Teatro is a collaboration between artists from México and the United States, communicating across cultures through puppetry, shadows, and music in English and Spanish.





By Liz Howls

Liz Howls performs 3 short fables for all ages (that’s you too mom and dad!). Using miniature handmade puppets and her odd yet silly sense of humor, she makes the whole family laugh. This show is fun and sentimental and reminds us of ancient lessons that we can still apply today. Guess along, clap along, sing along, and laugh along with SHORT STORIES IN MINIATURE.



July 6: Bella Yaga
A multi-sensual performance project. Storytelling through the dimensions of folk music, moving image, spoken word and installation art.  Bella Yaga is directed by Anna Johnson in collaboration with musicians Alia Jeraj, Alana Horton, Joni Griffith and Peter Morrow.

Week2-Bella Yaga-Band02.jpg

July 7: Coy & Daring
Coy & Daring is the duo project of Joey Ford and Jenna Wyse. The couple began playing music together over a decade ago, but mainly focused their writing to fit the sounds of their various projects: Tree Party, The 7-Shot Symphony, The Poor Nobodys. Named by the waning and waxing of the moon, the duo behind Coy & Daring have begun making public the music they've kept to themselves.

Week2-Coy and Daring-Band02.jpg